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OSee Sports Video Delay PRO

4.32 usd

>>> THE MOST EASY AND EFFECTIVE SPORTS VIDEO FEEDBACK OUT THERE <<<Automated video feedback for teaching and learning golf, tennis, dance, gymnastics, physical education and many more action sports! Do your action and watch the automatic replay with the video delay function. Analyse yourself with the slow motion tool and frame by frame video analysis.Decide to save your movie clip afterwards to analyse it further with your coach, trainer or teacher.No camera man needed, put your tablet on a tripod and start learning, teaching or coaching!
USArchery, Elite Tennis Academy Spain, Swiss Curling School, Golf Academy (AUS), GFK Ice Dancing (Denmark), PE Teaching Association, ISNL Gymnastics LAB (NED)
BEST USE CASES:- Dance sports like ballroom dancing, latin dancing, ballet, breakdance or any type of dance on a dance floor!- Jury sports like: gymnastics, figure skating, diving and any type of acrobatic sports- Individual ball sports like golf, tennis, bowling, badminton and squash to analyse the swing at the ball- Team ball sports for swing analysis, goals attempts and more, e.g. baseball, basketball, cricket, football, volleyball- Being a coach, trainer or teacher in physical education in all of the above sports!
In general, the OSee Sports Video Delay app is ideal for close up action and video feedback matters. It is quick, easy and very effective!
FEATURES- Quick, hands free and ongoing video feedback - Adjustable video delay between 5 sec and 2 minutes- Quick save after it happened for further analysis with your coach, trainer or teacher- Uses front camera and back camera (if present)- Slow motion camera analysis and frame by frame analysis.
REVIEWS (send by e-mail with user feedback)- French tennis teacher: This really improves our athletes in their tennis game!- Australian golf player: Very useful in swing analysis for golf, especially to analyse slow motion.- US gymnastics coach: My gymnastics students can now train more independently. thank you.- German teacher of physical education: It really takes my physical education class to another level.- Dutch figure skater trainer: Your app is just insane!
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